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Where to Buy Hoops?

We are the select basketball hoop installation vendors for North East Ohio 

Installation orders are scheduled
in the order they are received.


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Our Services Include:
➤2 In Ground Basketball Hoop Installers.
Appointment 1
Creating and Installing a Concrete Footer.
Dig a hole that is 24-36" deep and 18-24" wide.
Pouring Concrete and properly setting a
manufacturer provided anchor system.
Concrete will need a minimum of 72 + hours curing
time above sustained 50 degree weather.

Appointment 2
Assembly and installation of the
structural pole and backboard.

Service Details:
➤Mix and pour of concrete (Customer Provided)
➤Setting a customer provided anchor system
➤Unboxing of basketball system and its working
➤Examining your basketball system for damage.
➤Installing and leveling of your basketball system.
➤Clean up the area and box up the packaging and
wrappers. (Includes all drive time trip charges)

By Law customer's are responsible to contact 811
before digging to verify there are no utilities
please call 1-800-362-2764
(This service is free of charge)

What's Included


Benefits of In-Ground Basketball Hoops

In-ground basketball goals feature tempered glass backboards for the most authentic rebound available paired with a powder-coated steel pole. The basketball pole is installed into concrete to stabilize the entire unit. Because of this concrete installation, the hoop becomes much more stable and the risk of tipping over is eliminated, especially during a dunk. In-ground hoops also take up less space than a portable’s molded base.

In-Ground Installation


Installation Price: 
$599-$650 Estimated


Customer to supply treated 2x4 wood for pole border as well as all cement needed per manual specs.

Typically between 10-15 bags of 50lb Quikrete

Unlike traditional portable basketball goal designs where the main pole of the goal connects to the plastic base, the pole connects directly to a steel frame that sits under the entire base.
These steel-on-steel connections create a much stronger frame that won’t fail over time like the competition.

Portable Installation


Please Note:

- All hoops will be installed & assembled per manufacture specifications.
- Additional dig charges may be imposed after digging begins & the installers find boulders or more than normal rock presence. This will be discussed with the customer before proceeding.

- If you would like to reuse the dirt, an agreed upon location where the excess dirt will be placed can be discussed with the installers. 
Your request to have the dirt relocated on
will incur an additional fee of $75 
and will be up to the customer to request during Phase 1, otherwise the dirt will be piled near the dig area.

Please Note:  Add $200 if there are any out of normal obstructions during the dig process. Pricing will be discussed if conditions are uncovered during any part of the dig process; at that time the customer can decide the direction of the project.

Additional Charges